Monday, March 1, 2010


Hello Everyone!
I just wanted to check in and say hello to our new sketchers! Hi! I'm feeling a little out of the loop and much behind. December and January gave me some set backs. I'm currently recovering from a severe case of pneumonia. It's healing nicely, it's just been a slow process.

I currently have my own moleskine from when we ended the last round. I take it I'm suppossed to send it to Jen. Jen-I need your mailing address. Can you email me at rachealanilyse [at] yahoo [dot] com?
Rose-do you need my mailing address? Email me as well!

Looking forward to getting to know everyone and to make some art!


  1. Sorry to hear that you were under the weather Racheal, but glad to hear that you are getting better.

    Yes ma'am - you will now be mailing to Jen and Keron will be mailing to you. (Not sure who Rose is though?)

  2. Stacey, Rose was the other remaining member of the now defunct moly x 51 group with me. Our theme was Wonderland...anyway, when I joined the group I asked if Rose wanted to join too and at the time she was all for it. But she is in her final semester at University in the U.K. and wasn't prepared for the amount of work that would be given so she quietly declined. I'm not sure if everyone got the memo on that :) but she originally said yes to the group and then didn't want to hold things up on account of school work so she decided to quit before we got started on the second round :)

  3. Ha! Totally blanked on just took me by surprise since she didn't join the group. I told her I would keep her in mind when we start new books though.

  4. oh cool! Well, you will see a couple of her entries in my book when it makes it's way around :)