Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hi again everyone - annoying Newbie here! I am excited to be a part of the group and can't wait to get going.

I am seeking some 'boundries' for my contributions to your Moly's. Coming from an 'altered' world - where nothing remains in it's original state and much is created from just odds & sodds (I have created art journals & altered books for ages) - all this 'newness' of the Moly's is a little foreign to me! LOL!!! Can I make additions (ie 3d elements, stitching, pockets, tags, tip ins??) Can I make SUBTRACTIONS??? (cut through the page & add a transparent section, make a 'cut out' window in the cover, or something else that I haven't thought of yet! stay tuned!)

ANYONE reeling from the thought of their beautiful Moly being 'altered' - please let me know - it doesn't worry me at all. I don't want to offend or upset anyone, or step out of the boundries of the project. I have Carolina's Alice Moly right here beside me, sitting here like a holy thing - and I am a little 'gun shy' to start.......in case I deal with it inappropriately.

This is a journal I created last year - you can see more here
have a great day everyone - I look forward to your comments......


  1. Hi Keron...as far as my moly goes - feel free to go hog wild :) I would say go ahead and make whatever additions or subtractions that you like as long as it's not removing any of the artwork that's been contributed by other group members :) While I would love for you to do something with my cover...I think I drew on the backside (if I'm remembering right) so in my case it probably wouldn't work.

    Like you, I love to add tabs and alter things...however up until recently have kept it separate from my drawings! What a mistake, LOL - I am enjoying things so much more by adding those additions. So again, in my book feel free to cut pages add things, make a pop up, whatever...I don't know if you read one of my earlier posts but I actually had to add pages into this book because I was going to run out, LOL - I say go crazy with it :)

  2. Keron!!! So glad your here!

    My book is fair game too, what ever feels right to you. Hope to post my 2nd entry in my book soon, you will se that I chose to go themeless, so surprise me.

    Hey Kelley - just counted my remaining pages and it looks like I may have yo add a few too. How did you do it? Did you just cut up another moly and glue on the additional pages?

  3. Hi Jennifer, that's pretty much it...I cut from the back of another moly. When I went to attach the two sets together I just cut one of the pages at like the three-quarter mark and made sure I had a good overlap to glue down. I've also done this before when adding a completely different type of paper for a background...so far it's held up okay...although my first attempt had to be held together with packing tape on the backside, lol.

  4. thank's people's for your vote of confidence. I don't feel quite as anxious now.
    OF COURSE - I would NEVER damage/change/deface another artists work, in a Moly or anything else, particularly if it didn't belong to me - I ONLY meant to 'cut up'/'remove' new pages in the process of making my contribution and reattach or sew back together, or add in something to compliment what is already there. (or another part of the book - ie cover, back pocket, etc)
    ok - OFF the 'puter and on to Alice YAY!

  5. Keron -
    I am fine with whatever you want to do. I drew on my current cover so I think this moly cover would be out, but inside - whatever makes your entry is up to you. Cut, paste, burn, drill holes - anything you want.

  6. Welcome Keron,

    Looking forward to more wonderful pages with the larger group. I'm cool with whatever you do inside my book, but I'd like the cover to stay intact. Sewing in a moly sounds intriguing to me. Oh and drilling holes could be fun too!

  7. Be careful with subtractions!
    From another exchange, I saw this moly where the person had made a die cut in one of the pages and with all the handling and unfolding that happened with the exchange, the page was starting the tear and I'm pretty sure that by the end of the exchange it will be in 2 separate pieces. Just something to be careful about. Otherwise have fun and be as creative as you want with your pages.
    By the way, welcome to the group!