Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sorry to make a post about this ladies, but I'm feeling so lost right now.
What is the schedule/route of these moleskines? Right now I have mine untouched since Round 1 ended. I don't have an address to the person I'm suppossed to mail it to. Also, I don't have anyone else's moleskine to create in. After seeing Jen and Keron's latest posts, I have the creative itch. Someone gimmie a moly!!!!

lol. Thank you for listening.


  1. Very sorry Racheal - Looks like you mail to me in round 2. Will send you my address right away.

  2. Racheal - I think mine - Lanes, Alleyways & other Quiet Corners should be to you. I haven't finished it - suffering a little from 'blank canvas' syndrome - I spent some time last night in my design library & I am on track now - I will have it done in 3 or 4 days. Sorry for the delay..

  3. Keron - I have sent you Racheal's mailing address via flickrmail.

  4. Racheal - you will be mailing to Jenn after you have made your second entry in your own book. I have forwarded you her mailing address via flickrmail.

  5. ahhhh ha! Thank you guys for the clarity! I was so confused on how this round was working. Sorry if I was pushy in my post.

    Keron- No worry on the delay as I have some drawing to do in my own book.

    Stacey- Thanks dear!

    xx all

  6. You are very welcome. Don't feel so bad. i still have my book and have not done my second entry. Will be working on that this weekend and hope to have the creativity flow from my fingers!!

    Wish me luck!!

  7. Good luck Stacey and HURRY UP, I want to draw too.

    I am totally kidding of course, take your time and get it to me when you can. I've always been a quick sketcher so no worries :)