Monday, March 8, 2010

sorry that I misunderstood the directions peoples - I didn't quite understand this was a requirement & dismissed the first invite to join the blog, thinking I just DON'T have time for one more 'online' thing to update.

I now understand it's function - and have joined & will keep it up dated.

I recieved in the mail today the MOST stupendous Moly - Alice - Painting the Roses - The Red Queen - all of them laid out before me - what a delight to come home to. I am SO excited and inspired & can't WAIT to work in it.

I will have my 'Lanes, Alleyways & Other Quiet Places' in the mail can see some more pics on my flickr album for this book.
I have the privilege of doing another one with the amazing Jenn - here's the link, if you'd like to look at that.
looking forward to seeing each of the books as they arrive........wooo hooo.... a great mail day!
PS - THE parcel I did recieve was open and the book was exposed. I have found from SAD experiences - it's ALWAYS best to send it in a clip lock bag for safety. Had it arrived only two days earlier when our area experienced terrible storms, it would have been totally ruined.


  1. Wow, very cool. I'll have to start thinking of a good spot for my addition :)