Monday, March 22, 2010


Eat Healthy
Here's my 2nd entry into my Moleskine. Which by the way, thank you for helping me clear up my confusion about Round #2!

For the new members: I chose a 2 page sketchbook. The theme being DREAMS. There is a little note in the back pocket of my book...along with a few collected ones for you to read.

I'm not really sure where this image came from but I bought new markers and decided to test them out in my moly. When you get my book - smell the red and orange colors!


  1. Rachel, you wrote: "for the new members: I chose a two page sketchbook," does that mean you didn't use a folding moly for round one? Or did you already fill one book up and this is a new one?

    Not that it matters :) I'm just being nosy, lol.

  2. I'll answer for Racheal since I am here...
    She chose a two page sketchbook instead of the folding moly.

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, okay cool. I wasn't sure from her wording if she'd already managed to fill up her book already and was starting on a second one or not :)

  4. Racheal - ****big smile**** those mountains are awesome.