Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Added protection...what do you think?

Hello everyone!!

After reading Keron's post and hearing how the moly package arrived to her I was thinking that from now on we may all benefit from taking a few extra precautions when mailing our molys. This may benefit us in other moly groups as well. So, tell me what you ladies think. for all future mailings I think that we should seal our molys in a plastic ziploc type bag. I think that we may also want to consider taping over the envelope's closure just to be sure it doesn't come open.

Let me know what everyone thinks.


  1. I think sending it in a ziplock is a simple inexpensive solution. Plus, it's so slim and light their won't be any added bulk to the envelope or change in shipping cost.

    Great suggestion!

    I actually have a moly bag for one of my other exchanges, LOL. We do a one on one exchange and my partner in crime sewed one up for me. It's cute but wouldn't really protect against water damage.

  2. The moly bag sounds like a cute idea. I am always so paranoid that something is going to happen to the molys when I have them that I hang onto the envelope that it came in and keep it stored in there until I either make my entry or put it in a new envelope to send it.

  3. great idea!
    i'll ziplock my next moly!