Monday, February 22, 2010

Off with his Head!! (Kelley's Wonderland Book)

Well since this is my first time posting work to the blog I thought I'd also include a "teaser" of my book to date. I've only let you see small bits and pieces so that it's a surprise when you actually get it in the mail but it's really come a long way for only having three people work on it :) (Three people, myself, Rose and Amy. Rose and I both had two entries, Amy just one.)

Please ignore the hell hole that is my desk. Don't look directly at it and you will be okay, I promise :P

And here is, well for me, my third entry in my own book! OFF WITH HIS HEAD!! Had to include painting the rose's red...that's one of my favorite parts.
Kari, I will send you flickr mail to get your address since it appears i'll be sending to you in the rotation. I just want to make some updates to my sign in page before mailing it out so hopefully this book will be in the mail before the end of the week.

(by the way, don't know if you can see it but the queens crown is actually painted gold with little ruby stickers pasted on top, hee hee!)


  1. Great entry Kelley!! Did you decide how many pages were available for each person's entry?

  2. well...I cut up another moly I had at home :(
    If everyone does two and a half pages there should still be enough room for six more entries...which would be each member of the group :)

    Other than the theme being Wonderland I really don't have any guidelines or requirements for my book, I just ask that you try to make the previous entry in front of you "melt" into your own entry as much as possible...did that make sense? LOL I really love to see how one artist builds off of what the last person left behind, which is what I find so amazing about the moly x project, so if you all could just try to "mingle" your pieces however you think best I would absolutely love that. You can't really see it from my picture but Lynne from another group sent me a drawing of the Cheshire cat to add to my moly. I glued her drawing in and then used her leaves to build off of and created the rose trees/bushes in my entry above. Just simple stuff like that I think really makes these things come alive and so interesting to look at...all I ask is you try your hardest :) (or I'll come after you - totally kidding)

  3. Oh good! Glad you had another book to extend this one. I know exactly what you mean about having the entries melt into each other. I think that is the best work that could describe what happens in these books. I look forward to jumping down that rabbit hole to come up with an entry for your book. I am looking forward to getting some new inspiration from the new movie.

  4. Oh definitely....that's one I can't wait to see.

  5. Hey Kari,

    I mailed you my book last week...can't remember if it was early-week or late-week, but would you just give a shout out when it gets to you? pretty please, thanks so much :)

  6. Haha! Love it! I love how the card is face flat on the ground. He's down for the count!

    Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland comes out this week-anyone else going to see it?

  7. I would love to go see the new movie, but not sure I would be able to drag my husband to see it. I may have to wait.

  8. I got it Kelley. It's really cool, I can see why you want to have it finished. Now I get to listen to my girls argue over which scene I should include. I think I'll have to either read some or watch some Alice this weekend.

  9. Yay! so glad it made it. Can't wait to see what you decide on Kari :) What have your girls thrown out there so far?