Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My first post to Moly x 70 (hee hee!)

I'm having a dilemma. Not really, just a hard time making a decision, which let's face it, really isn't new for me. :)

Anyway, my problem is this....I have a half finished Wonderland moly all about Alice and her adventures that I would like to see finished. But I know Karo has the same theme and I really don't want to burn you guys out on the Wonderland stories by having more than one book on the same theme.

Would any of you have an objection to me using my wonderland book to continue on or would you prefer I start a new book with a new theme? I don't mind starting a new book so don't fear telling me to do so...I just thought if no one minded i'd continue on with the book I have since it's unfinished.

Thanks for your help in deciding :)


  1. Kelly, I think you should be able to do exactly as you want to do! Go for the Alice in Wonderland, it's such a great story, it could never be done too much.

  2. Kelley - I think it would be fine to use the book that you already have. Its kind of funny actually because after I put my entry in Carolina's book - I thought of a dozen other things that I could have done and wished I had another chance. I think that it will be good with the new Alice coming out too.

    (How many entries do you have in the unfinished book? You may want to figure out how many pages each person's entry should be so that we can fill it up for you.)

  3. I don't mind at all
    Like Stacey, I have a tons of other ideas inspired by the Alice in Wonderland theme and I'll be happy to put some in your moly
    ps: Welcome to the group!

  4. Thanks, you guys! I'll count up the pages tonight to make sure I have enough room for everyone to make some art.

  5. So....

    I counted up the remaining pages in my Wonderland moly and there are actually far less than I thought in there. There are only eight pages left to finish the book, I think I'm going to need to get creative and add pages to it otherwise I face having a half empty book again when we finish "round two"

    I'll see what I can come up with and keep you all posted. If anyone has suggestions please let me know, otherwise I will post again soon with my entry :)

  6. That would be awesome on your end - to have a super long moly with individual entries created by more people. (don't know if that makes sense?) I think I would go for adding pages to the moly so that you can get it filled.

  7. For what it's worth, I love the Alice in Wonderland theme.