Saturday, June 6, 2009

2nd mailing...

Eveyone should have made their 1st entry in the moleskine that was mailed to you in May and those moleskines should have been put in the mail to the next person. If anyone wasn't able to complete their entry and mail the moleskine, please let me know.

I am going to propose June 30th as the next mailing date. Let me know if this is okay with everyone.


  1. question....we mail it to the same person everytime, correct?

    just wanted to make sure i had sent it to the right place! this is my first moleskine exchange...i'm new to the rules:)

    carolina you should be receiving it soon! i mailed it last week

  2. Hey, I'll be mailing out Stacey's moly tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, time just gets away from me. I'll start on the next one right away so I'll be on time for the June 30th deadline. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer.


  3. Racheal -
    Yes ma'am, we mail to the same person everytime. Don't worry...I am new to all of this too.

  4. Phew!!!! I probably should have checked on that BEFORE I mailed it, but, I didn't. lol.

    No worries Kari! I can't draw this week anyway--I hurt my thumb and can't put pressure on it when writing, so no drawing for me right now.

    It should be healed by next week so I can make my entry.

  5. ummmmm kari....wheres the moleskine??? lol. i'm getting antsy.