Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sign in pages and first mailing

At this point it looks like most of the group has already received their moleskine. Once Racheal has received hers - then we can decide on a date for the first mailing.

Racheal - I am okay with your having a regular sketchbook. Maybe in your book each person can do a 2 page spread - instead of the 3 pages in the accordian album. I am sure that it will work out just fine.

Karo - While I am here, I will go ahead and answer the question about the sign-in page. When you open your accordian album (I think this is the same for moly sketchbooks also), the inside cover is blank and on the front of the first page are lines where you would put your name and address in case your moly is lost. In quite a few of the exchanges that I have looked at people will make an entry on those two pages. Their entry will either have all of the names of the people in the group or they will let each individual person sign their name when they receive the moly. This is not a requirement. Just something that people do.

I have worked up a design for my sign in page that I am happy with. If I can remember, I will scan in my sketch this evening. Call me a chicken, but I am working up sketches in my sketchbook before I put them in my moly.

Talk soon!

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