Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Racheal's Bella Luna

Bella Luna
So, I'm not good at keeping secrets or posting in process work. Therefore, this is my completed sign in page...which is unconventional. I don't have a plan when I work, just a visual in my mind. I ended up with no room for signing in, but I figure, everyone can sign their name on their work.

In the mail she goes!


  1. Did you also make a first entry - or just the sign in page? Each person makes 2 entries into their sketchbook at the start (sign in page and sketchbook entry).

  2. thanks!

    i only did this drawing because the sketchbook isn't accordian style so it wasn't necessary to do another 2 page spread.

    i havent mailed it yet though!

  3. That's totally up to you. Even though it isn't accordian style we are still working with your book the same way. The only difference is that each person will make an independent 2 page spread and the drawings will not be blended together like they would with the accordian pages. Either way is up to you.

    I like your entry by the way. Very nice and calming.