Tuesday, February 14, 2012

no Moly's here

hi Jenn - NOPE - no Moly's down under.............nothing here since MARCH 2010!!! This is really less than ideal.  Clearly (as it can for all of us) life has gotten in the way of ART for this group.  No guilt trips - no recrimination - Could I please just have my book back?  hugs to all xK


  1. Agree, less than ideal, but it does happen. I'm not even clear on who has who's book. I sent your book to Stacey ages ago, that was the last one that I worked on.
    If I remember correct Kelley had worked on a few, but not sure if they have moved on.
    Think we should start with who has who's. Let's update the list to the right.

  2. I'm bummed - I really enjoyed following your blog because your illustrations are beautiful, and Moleskine Exchanges are so fun! I hope you guys can either continue on, or at least keep going with those who are still able to continue! I hope you will let me know if you start a new group.