Sunday, May 1, 2011

Keron's Book - Lanes, Alleyways and other Quiet Corners

Guilty! I have had this book since the first part of January. But it'll be on it's way to Stacey next week.

I wanted to keep the arch theme going, but not literally. I tried to create an arch with the tree branches - partially inspired by all the exploring that I've been doing in Germany. Hope you like it Keron.


  1. beautiful!

    I do have to make a note and say that I too have had books sitting here forever!! Three of them in fact got sent all at once just before the holidays, if I'm remembering correctly, and I'm sorry to say that while I started them, none of them got finished in the hub-ub! And then to make matters worse, I completely forgot I had them! OY!! I'm so disappointed in myself. However I am happy to say two are finished and will be in the mail to Kari tomorrow! The third I will finish up shortly and get out as soon as possible. Sorry ladies.

  2. WHOA! This is awesome. I love the flow of it and the colors and EVERYTHING.

    Happy someone posted too! I've been wondering where we all have been hiding:)

    Happy to hear Germany is inspiring you!

    @Kelley-it's ok, creativity cant be rushed! hehe

  3. sorry-that last comment was from me :)

  4. GAH! its not saving my name!!! anonymous is really Racheal. lol.

  5. this is a lovely spread - it's naive in a fantasy way - I wish I was flying with the birds....great work x