Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The molies are here, the molies are here!

I came home yesterday from work to find two stuffed envelopes waiting for me on the couch! My boyfriend is very good about propping my moly mail up where I will see it when I first walk in...what can I say I'm like a kid at Christmas :)

Anyway, I'll send these off one at a time so Kari doesn't get stuck with multiple books all at once. I've got these three for this exchange and two more from other groups at home waiting on me.



  1. quick question, since this is my first time drawing in these books. Rachel, Jennifer and Stacey - do you have themes for your books or is this just the way they've progressed?
    Jennifer's has taken on a very nature feel, Stacey's is either night or creepy crawlies, I can't tell which :) and Rachel's I would assume is dreams, only some entries don't appear to follow I was a little confused :)

  2. Glad they made it. Sorry it took so long!

    Um...I don't think that there are specific themes to mine or Jenn's. You are correct on Racheal's though - dreams. Mine and Jenn's have just progressed based on everyone's thoughts, feelings and whatever moved them forward when they sat down to draw.

  3. thanks Stacey for the quick reply!

    Okay I'm gearing up to get started :)