Saturday, August 21, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty.........

Well the move has been all consuming, but somehow I managed to eek out my entry into Carolina's book. This will be my last entry into a book while living in the US. I depart for Germany this Tuesday. YIKES!

Let me know if the mailing order will change due to my move. I'll send my new address to Stacey along with Carolina's book.

auf wiedersehen.........



  1. Jennifer this is crazy cool! Love it. Good luck to you in Germany. I just re-connected with a good "german" friend from high school. (The wonders of FaceBook). I hope to get back there again someday, but I know you'll love it. Enjoy some of the wonderful breakfast bread for me. And have a wonderful adventure.

  2. Wonderful Jennifer!
    Just to introduce myself to you all, I am actually kind of here to make sure you are all alive and kicking, as Jennifer would have heard about. Seems you are all alive an participating madly. Keep up the good work!

  3. OOOOO! It's like skeletor meets robot meets real cat! I love energy and movement in it too! This one is so awesome Jenn!

    Hi Emma!

  4. That is fantastic. I will look over the mailing order to see if we should make any changes. I did consider it - we will need to determine where the books are. Since this is the last portion of the books we may just leave it as is and if we decide to do new books once we have finished - maybe then we will change the order around.