Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Group check in...

Hello ladies!!

It appears that we have reached the end of our first round. In the second round we will be welcoming Kelley and Rose to the group. I know that Kelley is ready to get started. We also had a request from Jenn to add an additional new group member. I wanted to check in with everyone and have everyone voice their opinions on a few things...
1) please comment and let me know if you will be continuing with the group for the second round;
2) please comment and let me know if you are on board with 3 new group members;
3) any other comments or suggestions as we move forward.

I am looking forward to having new group members join the rotation.


  1. Hello, everyone. I am ready to go :) I recently spoke with Rose via email, of course and I know she is bogged down with University. We may want to check in and see if she is still interested. Since it's been so long that she showed interest and then got caught up in school she may have hit her limit.

  2. Still VERY interested, LOVE this group! Very much looking forward to some new members to shake it up a bit. I am open to welcoming any and all new members who care to join this great group.

  3. Happy Valentines Everyone,

    How are you? I've been so busy I've neglected posting for a while, but I'm realizing it's not going to slow down anytime soon so I'll just go with the flow. I don't have a Moly right now, I am expecting mine from Stacy, I think.

    It will be fun to have a couple of new faces to add to the mix. I really enjoy seeing the different styles coming through, and seeing how the books evolve is really the coolest thing ever.

    Thanks again for your administration Stacy, you've done a great job keeping us on track.

    Take Care, and if you are back east, or somewhere in the snow stay warm.

  4. Aw! Thanks Kari - I appreciate that.

    I do have your moly. I am hoping to get it finished up and in the mail this weekend. It has been a chanllenge to think of Sunshine and Summertime when it is cold and rainy outside, but everyone else's entries are like a ray of sunshine whenever I open the book.

    I too have enjoyed seeing how each person has infused their entry with aspects of the previous person's entry. I have had so much fun with this moly exchange. I am so glad that I got a great group of people to exchange with.