Friday, November 6, 2009

stacey's books

Hi everyone
I finally found some time to do an entry in Stacey's book
Hope you like it Stacey and really sorry for the long delay
but with the move, the renovation, work, going back to school.... it has been just crazy!
As for my entry, it's based on a saying my grandmother used to say whenever she saw a crow. She looked at the crow, crossed her fingers and said: "Martes hoy, martes manana, martes todo la semana" Which means Tuesday today, Tuesday tomorrow, tuesday all week. She told it was to protect us form the bad luck the crow brings because they are witches in disguise. The theme of the night and the vampires remind me this saying and I just had to had some type to follow Racheal's entry. This was really fun and a good break from my crazy break
ps. I'm trying to catch up in my moly so my next entry just be completed soon. thanks for understanding.


  1. This is really nice, I bet it looks so good with the previous posts. This is turning into a really interesting book!

  2. YESS! More hand drawn typography! It's very edgar allen poe. Stacey-your book has seemed to have created a theme itself!