Saturday, September 5, 2009

Racheal's Update

Hey Everyone!
I just saw Stacey's post and was planning on writing my update post [was wondering where everyone was as well] this weekend, but you beat me to the punch. Anyway, I figured list form would be the easy way. Here goes:

1. Hope you all are well, have had great summers, and ready for the autumn.
2. I have had an insane and busy summer. Vacationed on the beach, went parasailing! Back to reality right now and catching up on a lot of work.
3. This was my entry into Stacey's moly. I sent it to Carolina back in the beginning of July I believe.

Night, the beloved

I was really sick over the summer and unable to draw/use my hands. So when I finally was able to get back into it I had to start where I felt comfortable. For me that's typography and lettering. Aside from that, I felt the quote stuck with Stacey's theme well.
4. This was my entry into Jennifer's moly [I think it was Jen's--it started off as the hummingbirds]. I took it in a bit of a creepy direction:

A family of trees wanted//To be haunted

I sent this to Carolina mid/end of July. Carolina-did you receive these? I just read the post about your address change, I hope the moleskines made it to right place! I will also need your new address, s'il vous plait!
5. I have not received any moleskines since creating in the ones I sent to Carolina. Kari- I am ready! :) I hope you are allright [I know you have been very busy and I hope you are ok]!
6. Hi Kelley and Rose!

That is my status. I've been starting a new working schedule so hopefully I won't be absent for long gaps like this summer. I was also wondering how everyone felt if I made a banner for this blog and a banner to put on our personal sites?

Big hug from CT.


  1. Hi Racheal, thanks for the update. Glad to hear you are doing better. Completely jealous of the para sailing.
    No problem here with you doing a banner.
    Take care. Jenn

  2. Hey Rachel, Good to hear from you. Summer has been crazy for sure. I'm sad to see it go. I have finished up my Alice in Wonderland entry and will mail it out tomorrow.

    I've settled into my new job. It's a pretty relaxed designer job and my co-workers are really nice so it's good. It's challenging doing my side business too but I imagine that I'll get into the flow soon enough. It's just nice to loose some stress.

    I'll get started on the next moly right away and send it next week. Now that my life is a little more settled I'll be able to relax and draw more!

    Hope you are all doing well. These books are looking amazing!

  3. Summer has been crazy for me too!!!
    Bought a my first house, and decided to redo the bathroom and kitchen ( still in progress) , moved to the new house and i'm currently celebrating my 10th year anniversary with my bf in spain. So crazy!!
    I have to moly back home waiting for me. I'll start doing the entry as soon as I get back to montreal. Sorry for the delays! i'll try to catch up. Things should be getting more normal soon... well as soon as I finish my kitchen. Hope everyone is having a great summer after all life is sometime crazy but otherwise it would be boring
    so enjoy the crazyness!

  4. Hey Rachel. Lovely entries.

    Banner! Banner! Banner!